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Press and Interviews


Photo Credit: Alexis Jabour for City of Asylum


Saturday Profile—The New York Times (English)

A profile exploring ElGendy's journey behind the bars and his writing career and advocacy post-incarceration.


Daily Africa Podcast—BBC (English)

An interview with BBC News on the Daily Africa podcast exploring the six-year political prison experience, and how it shaped ElGendy's current life and advocacy. 


Ramadan Bila Saggan—Hafiz AlMirazi (Arabic)

An interview on Ramadan Bila Saggan show with Egyptian journalist, Hafiz AlMirazi, about ElGendy's political prison experience, earning a mechanical engineering degree in prison, and writing as resistance. 


Frontline of Freedom—Evan Mawarire (English)

An interview on Frontlines of Freedom with Zimbabwean human rights activist, Evan Mawarire, about ElGendy's political prison experience, writing as resistance, and current projects.


#FreeThemAll Campaign—The Freedom Initiative (English)

An interview with the Freedom Initiative as part of the #FreeThemAll campaign aiming to free Egyptian political prisoners. 


Podcast 11—Solafa Magdy (Arabic)

An interview with Solafa Magdy on Podcast 11 exploring the experience of diaspora activism and living in exile as a former Egyptian political prisoner with all the challenges and opportunities that life entails.


EL PAÍS newspaper — Marc Español (Spanish)

An interview with the Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS, on ElGendy's prison series, Anatomy of an Incarceration, on his prison writing, and what writing meant inside and after prison.


An interview with Stephen Silverwood of Refugee Radio, UK, exploring the six-year prison experience. 

Refugee Radio — Stephen Silverwood (English)


Bi H'ob — Heba Afifi (Arabic)

An interview with Heba Afifi on Bi H'ob "With Love" podcast, exploring in depth the magical friendships that blossom behind bars, with a detailed account of the friendship between ElGendy and his still-incarcerated best friend Ayman Moussa.


Cairo in Exile Podcast — Marlyn Tadros (English)

An interview with Marlyn Tadros on her podcast, Cairo in Exile, exploring the six-year prison experience and how it shaped ElGendy's current views.

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