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Published Writings

Opinion: My Friend Kept Me Human in Prison. Please Don't Forget Him

The Washington Post

An opinion piece about ElGendy's incarcerated best friend and case mate, Ayman Moussa, and the warm friendship they shared behind bars. 


Anatomy of an Incarceration

Mada Masr

Anatomy of an Incarceration is a six-part series of naked narrative, depicting and exploring the political prison experience ElGendy had undergone in Egyptian prisons.

From welcome parties of torture, to the excruciating transport vehicle "the sweat box", the tragic yet warm visitations, life inside a cell, and the incessant fear of being forgotten and left behind, ElGendy lays the world behind bars bare for readers to vicariously live the six-year experience of incarceration in Egypt.


Mada Masr

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English First Person Narratives

Arabic First Person Narratives

First person narratives ElGendy has written with Mada in English:
A collection of in-prison and post-prison pieces

First person narratives ElGendy has written with Mada in Arabic:
A collection of in-prison and post-prison pieces


First Person Narratives and Reports

Newlines Magazine

English first person narratives on the prison experience, and coverage of Egyptian affairs



The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy

Political Analyses of the human rights' scene in Egypt


Opinion Articles and Reports

Raseef 22

 Arabic narratives and opinion articles on the political and cultural scene in Egypt.


Opinion Articles

Daraj Media

Arabic opinion articles on incarceration and politics


First Person Narratives and Opinion Articles


Arabic narratives on incarceration and politics

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